Something to remember

Sunshine and salad
Gale twigs and flat rocks
First French on top

Join us for a photo odyssey to the Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2016

and Kvarkenträffenvisan in the video above

Music: Kari Niemelä
Text: Håkan Jäntti
Camera: Håkan Jäntti
Areal photos: Martin Nyqvist
Production: Håkan & Kari 2016

– and welcome for new adventures 20–22 July 2017.

Photos from Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2016 (click on the photo or the link to open the photo album from respective competition day)

Söderfjärden, Solf & Malax

Photo: Sonja Friman


Kuckus, Vörå

Photo: Jens Jern


 Björknäs, Malax

Photo: Håkan Jäntti

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