Enter in June – win accommodation and travels in space and on sea

Sunday, 30 June, is the following entry deadline for Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2019. A hotel night, a historical experience and a cruise for two will be drawn among everyone who has entered by then.

See to that you enter at a lower fee – and get the chance to win a Kvarken prize:
• Hotel Vallonia in Smedsby, Korsholm, awards you with one night of accommodation for two persons.
• The visiting centre Meteoria, in the middle of the most beautiful meteorite crater in Finland, gives away tickets for two.
• Wasaline welcomes you on a cruise for two between Vaasa and Umeå, with a great archipelago buffet.

Enter here

Welcome to Kvarken.

Have a good sleep and enjoy

Experience history

Take off on the sea

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