Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2019

Winners of the King’s Rings 2019 – Fredric Portin (Pargas IF) and Saara Norrgrann (Paimion Rasti). Photo: Peter Sundelin[/caption]

Kvarken Orienteering Festival thanks the visitors and wishes you all welcome back next summer for Kvarken Orienteering Festival 50th anniversary competitions.

  • Draw and check out routes in the Routegadget, via our Results page.

Once a year
a three day adventure
rises from the sea.

Near the World Heritage
the controls are waiting
for the whole family.

Everyone is rewarded
with prizes from the nature.

Music lives.

Welcome to Korsholm, Vörå, Malax, Vaasa and this year also Nykarleby.