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Kvarken Orienteering Festival 24-26/7/2019

True adventures in a World Heritage environment Since 1971

Classes D (women) / H (men) 21A and B, D35–75, H35–85, D/H20, 18, 16, 14, 13, 12, 12TR (tukireitti) and also rastireitti-classes 10RR and 8RR.

Open classes A (around 5 km), B (around 3 km), C (around 2 km) and RR (rastireitti). Control rally (Rastiralli) for 5-12 year olds, entry on site.

Entry fees

  Step 1: -31/5 Step 2: -30/6 Step 3: -19/7 Step 4: -21/7 at 18.00
Class 3 days 1 day 3 days 1 day 3 days 1 day 3 days 1 day
16-85 46€ 17€ 50€ 20€ 55€ 23€ 84€ 34€
8-14 24€ 10€ 26€ 12€ 30€ 14€ 40€ 20€

The fees should be paid through the online competition calendar Irma when entering. If you represent a club outside Finland, an alternative is Vaasan Suunnistajat’s account at Vaasan Osuuspankki, IBAN: FI89 5670 0820 1998 32, BIC: OKOYFIHH. Write down the competitor’s name, class and competition days.

Fees on site in the Open classes 12 €/day, Control rally 3 €/day.

Entries for all the three days should be submitted at the latest Friday 19th July via Irma. When entering, please inform us about your Emit card number. If you have not entered any card number, we will automatically reserve a rental card for you. The Emit rental cost is 5€/card for 1-3 days. Class- and Emit-changes: 2 €.

Late entries at 2 x the ordinary fee, by Sunday 21th July 18:00 EET at the latest, via Irma.

Course lengths and estimated top times

24/7D21A30 minutesH21A35 minutes
25/7D21A35 min.H21A40 min.
26/7D21A40 min.H21A45 min.

Middle distance on Wednesday in other classes. On Thursday and Friday middle distance plus 5-10 minutes.

First start every day at 18:00.

Chasing start final on Friday in D/H21A and 20, 18 and 16, according to the results after the two first stages.

Map scale 1:10 000 in classes D and H 13–40. In classes 45–85, 12, TR and RR map scale 1:7 500. Contour interval 2,5 metres. Printed 7/2019.

Prizes to the three best (or at least 20 % of the participants) in the overall competition, in the chasing start classes as gift vouchers. In the main categories D21A and H21A the six best are awarded, three of them with training grants: 1) 300€, 2) 200€, 3) 100€. The winners also receive the Ring of the King Trophy for one year – and a 100€ gift voucher to the Noname-webshop.

All participants will be awarded after finishing each day. The RR participants can pick up special prizes at the Info. Additional prizes are distributed in a lottery among all participants. Among everyone that has entered by May 31st we will give away a cruise across Kvarken to Umeå for two persons, including an archipelago buffet.

Parking near the competition centres.

Child care in the competition centres. Free of charge.

Dressing and showers in field conditions.

Further information: Ulf Stenbacka, tel. +358(0)40 669 2001, e-mail ulf.stenbacka(at)gmail.com

News and updates published on www.kvarkentrio.fi

Stage 1, Wednesday 24/7 • Ojaniemi-Hyyriä, Vähäkyrö, Vaasa

Heath, bare rocks and a suitable amount of deep forest. Climbing as well. More than good runnability.

Signs from central Vähäkyrö and Jokivarrentie 20. From there about 6 minutes drive. Parking fee 2€ (to the land owner).

Organiser Vaasan Suunnistajat, event director Peter Trompari, map creator Heikki Tamminen, course setters Kalevi Mäki-Maunus (leader), Eveliina Välimaa (children’s courses), adult’s courses and story teller Pertti Välimaa, controller Heikki Tamminen (Suunta-Jurva).

Stage 2, Thursday 25/7 • Monå, Nykarleby

Three main hills, with fairly steep and detailed slopes. Intense orienteering in a compact area where the controls are close to each other.

Signs from the crossing of roads E8 and Monåvägen, around 55 km north-east of Vaasa.

Organiser IF Femman, event director Eero Hakala, map creators Otto Sund and Filip Brunell, course setters Peter Sundelin and Viljam Grahn, story teller Monå byaforskare, controller Roy Torrkulla (IF Minken).

Stage 3, Friday 26/7 • Haikne, Malax

Thinned pine forest, including small flat rocks and small marshes, as well as a few thin ditches. Compass recommended.

Signs from Strandvägen 1920 (road 673), 30 km south of Vaasa.

Chasing start in D/H21A, 20, 18 and 16. Those who are more than 30 minutes behind the leader or do not have an overall result will start at the end of the field, with interval start.

Organiser Malax IF, event director Bengt Lillsjö, map creator and course setter Richard Strandberg, story teller Håkan Jäntti, controller Henry Lågland (Vaasan Suunnistajat).

Welcome! • Välkommen! • Tervetuloa!

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