Stage 1, Wednesday 24/7 • Ojaniemi-Hyyriä, Vähäkyrö, Vaasa

The Ojaniemi-Hyyriä terrain offers an excellent setting for orienteering. The area includes both fine pine tree forest and open rock, and is suitably dense, with a suitable number of stones. The differences in altitude are surprising for the Ostrobothnian region. The runnability is more than good, though with slower parts. It is worth paying attention to the routechoices – and to reading the map carefully.

Greetings from course setter Pertti Välimaa

Stage 2, Thursday 25/7 • Monå, Nykarleby

Three main hills, with a varying amount of details on the slopes. Enjoyable open rocks – and growth (labrador tea) that partly slows down your steps. There are lots of controls in the forest: Check the codes! Welcome to Monå and enjoy some intense orienteering!

Greetings from course setter Peter Sundelin

Stage 3, Friday 26/7 • Haikne, Malax

The terrain is quite easily forced. Open clearings and tractor paths are used to help the younger orienteers. Keywords are precision and change of pace. There are several controls in the forest: Check your control code!

Greetings from course setter and map maker Richard Strandberg