Information about Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2020

Organizers have decided to cancel Kvarken Orienteering Festival 15-17/7/2020. Due to the restrictions made by the Finnish goverment, the organizers aren’t able to organize the competitions as planned and with a quality level worth be called Kvarken Orienteering Festival. This years competition terrains will wait for orienteers till summer 2021.

Organizers have decided to organize a competition on 18/7/2020 instead of Kvarken Orienteering Festival. Invitation and more info about the competition will be relesed here and on IRMA in early June.

Restrictions during the coronavirus epidemic affects Kvarken Orienteering Festival. Finnish goverment updated 22.4 that public events and gatherings of more than 500 people continue to be banned until at least 31.7.2020.

IF Femman, Vaasan Suunnistajat & Malax IF – 19/5/2020

Once a year
a three day adventure
rises from the sea.

Near the World Heritage
the controls are waiting
for the whole family.

Everyone is rewarded
with prizes from the nature.

Music lives.

Welcome to Korsholm, Vörå, Malax and Vaasa.


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