Flashbacks from last summer

While we are waiting for some summer heat and terrain without snow, we could take a look back at last summer. We had some great competitions in Kalapää, Kolnebacken and Saarenpää.

Photos from the competitions are found at Kvarkenträffen Flickr.

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Start lists are published – Lottery prizes are drawn

Start lists are found on the Start lists & Results-page. Please, check your information (class, name and EMIT-number). Changes has to be made at the Info before start.

Lottery prizes are drawn and the winners are found on the Priser– or Palkinnot-page. No translation available, yet. Congratulations to the winners!

See you at Kvarken Orienteering Festival!

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Preliminary bulletin & course lengths

Preliminary competition guidelines with course lengths has been published on the website. We will fill in the gaps when we got the info ready. You find the bulletin here.

There are Open courses for those who want to challenge their orienteering skills without competition. Info about Open courses are found here.

Course setters and event advisors greetings are found on the Terrain-page. More are coming. Read it here.

Tomorrow 15/7 is the last day to make your entry for normal price! Among everyone that has entered there will be give-away prizes! You find more info about the entry in the invitation.

There are stories from the competition areas available for reading, but only in Swedish or Finnish:

Del 1 | KalapääOsa 1 | Kalapää
Del 2 | KolnebackenOsa 2 | Kolina
Del 3 | SaarenpääOsa 3 | Saarenpää

Welcome to Kvarken Orienteering Festival!

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Make your entry for a lower price and win a cruise

Kvarken Orienteering Festival has lower entry fees until 19th June. After that, the first lottery prize will be drawn: a cruise across Kvarken to Umeå for two persons, including an archipelago dinner.

Remember that the entry fees are lowered until 19th June. Among everyone that has entered we will give away a cruise across Kvarken. Wasaline offers a cruise across Kvarken to Umeå, including an archipelago dinner.

– 19/6 – 15/7 – 17/7 at 4 pm
Class 3 days 1 day 3 days 1 day 3 days 1 day
21-85 42€ 17€ 50€ 20€ 84€ 34€
16-20 27€ 11€ 35€ 14€ 54€ 22€
-14 20€ 8€ 26€ 12€ 40€ 16€
Open 25€ 10€ 35€ 12€ 35€ 12€

Welcome to Kvarken.

Make your entry here.
Take a look with

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Something to remember

Sunshine and salad
Gale twigs and flat rocks
First French on top

Join us for a photo odyssey to the Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2016

and Kvarkenträffenvisan in the video above

Music: Kari Niemelä
Text: Håkan Jäntti
Camera: Håkan Jäntti
Areal photos: Martin Nyqvist
Production: Håkan & Kari 2016

– and welcome for new adventures 20–22 July 2017.

Photos from Kvarken Orienteering Festival 2016 (click on the photo or the link to open the photo album from respective competition day)

Söderfjärden, Solf & Malax

Photo: Sonja Friman


Kuckus, Vörå

Photo: Jens Jern


 Björknäs, Malax

Photo: Håkan Jäntti

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Invitation published

I. To the hill. On a new map. On the others side of the crater.

II. On bedrock. In woods. Road to Finnish Championship Relay this autumn.

III. International challange. From scrubby marshes to bedrock hills.

The invitation for Kvarken Orienteering Festival this summer is now published. You can find it here.

Come back for more news and stories later on.


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Check out the terrain

Through easily runnable terrain and primeval forest, onto the rocks. That’s how the Kvarken Orienteering Festival goes, 16-18 July. Check out the course planners’ desriptions and map samples here.

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